So, my last post said that my next show would be the Victor Wooten Trio – which is playing right now, just a couple miles from me at the Buskirk-Chumley. Sadly, I’ve come down with a rotten cold and had to miss this one. I hate letting a ticket go to waste, but them’s the breaks sometimes – and I didn’t want to be that person sitting there coughing and blowing her nose throughout the show, sharing her disgusting germs with all the other theater patrons!

I was home from work today, too, and while I was home I spotted a presale for this summer’s run of James Taylor shows with Bonnie Raitt opening. I’m not that huge a JT fan, and probably wouldn’t drive all the way to Louisville to see him. But I had to miss a Bonnie show about a year ago due to a terminally ill cat who’d taken a turn for the worse (yes, I am one of those crazy cat ladies, and make no apologies about it) – even though Louisville is sort of close enough to be able to drive home after the show, just about 100 miles, I would have been out late and I would just have worried about Bear the whole time.

So it’s one missed opportunity checked off the “upcoming concerts” list, and another one added. I would rather see a full evening just of Bonnie Raitt, but she hasn’t come anywhere near me since that missed show in Louisville last year, and hey, I’ve never seen James Taylor. My dad loved him, so I’ll think about that, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the show. (Just watch, though – Bonnie will announce an Indy or even a Bloomington show now, because that’s just my luck. Kind of like how U2 announced a Louisville show only after I’d already bought an exorbitantly expensive ticket for the second night of their Chicago run. But if that happens, it’s okay – I’ll just double up. 🙂 )

Next up: Joey Alexander